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“Experimental Techniques in Watercolor to Create Texture”

Two Day Watercolor Workshop with Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

March 30 & 31, 2019

Hours 10 am – 4 pm


Location: Phoenix, Oregon

Explore experimental watercolor techniques, including pouring through filters, to create texture in your paintings.  Each day will start start with an introduction lecture / demo about watercolors and texture.  You will fearlessly create a number of “starts” incorporating various textural techniques, building upon your starts with layers.  At the end of each day we will share our creative expressions and comment on the textural techniques used.  This workshop is designed for exploring, experimenting and incorporating these textural watercolor techniques into your own personal style. 



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Student Testimonials

Lynda’s upbeat and encouraging teaching style inspired me to experiment with color and process and try new things. She generously shares her methods and her fun plethora of supplies. I will definitely be taking more classes with Lynda!” – Glenda Goodrich

Lynda’s workshop opened up a whole new world for me! Her demonstrations of pouring/texture techniques helped me incorporate this method into my own paintings. Lynda’s helpful instruction and enthusiastic teaching style inspired the entire class, and we all left with many colorful paintings in progress. The small class size allowed Lynda to spend one-on-one time with students as well as to provide group critiques and discussions. I highly recommend this knowledgeable instructor; she is brimming with great ideas and is generous about sharing them with her students.” – Liz Walker

“Lynda’s workshops are long on encouragement and exploration, and short on rules! I loved working with a wide variety of materials and approaches to discover more about design, color, shape and value. It was easy to incorporate these later with my own style.” – Linda Elesiya Evans.

I took a one day private class from Lynda. The experience was wonderful!! She was organized and very helpful and accommodating to my individual painting preferences. I made some wonderful pieces in that class, including one good enough to hang in a gallery. I highly recommend Lynda and her classes/workshops.” – Pam Haunschild

“I have long admired the extraordinary watercolors painted by Lynda, and I was fortunate to be able to attend one of her classes in abstract art. Her warm personality and artistic knowledge made my experience in her class fun and rewarding. She is extremely talented in realistic painting, and equally skillful in teaching the art of creating abstracts.” – June Shepard


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