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Thought it might be time for an update from me, I have been busy!

The tulips were spectacular this year and are now a memory.

Then came the irises, 100’s of them have bloomed.

Many of them are still blooming.

Maybe someday I will paint them, for now I enjoy and photograph them.

Their sweet smell has been intoxicating.

My husky, Siskiyou celebrated his eleventh birthday with Cascadia.

They each enjoyed a cheeseburger burger and a homemade peanut butter dog cookie.

Every year a fawn is born near my art studio – this year it is star-dusted twins!

My tulip series is currently on the back burner,

as I have been working on an exhibit for July at the Art & Soul Gallery.

“Varied Expressions” is a group show with my three gallery partners.

“Varied Expressions” Link

Thought you’d enjoy seeing one of my most recently finished paintings,


watercolor  – 29 x 21″


Twilight l Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Twilight l Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

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